Don’t let me be misunderstood

If you’re a professional or an expert at, well, anything - you may have experienced that moment when you brought the full force of your expertise to bear and provided a complex explanation of something - only to find your audience staring back at you ... read more

What you can do about jargon and complex language

The first step is to identify where jargon and complex language is sneaking into your content, and then to remove it.  Here are some ways to check if your content contains jargon or complex language: Does it include words or expressions your audience isn't familiar ... read more

How jargon and complex language impact your bottom line

We've previously discussed how 'Simple language ain't that simple', and the challenge of making content more readable - not by dumbing it down but by making its meaning clearer and easier for your audience to digest. If you follow that thought, taking a view that simple ... read more

Simple language ain’t that simple

Most people have heard of the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid), but when writing content it’s not always easy to communicate as clearly and simply as we’d like.  Professionals often have a language of their own, or it can be a factor of lack ... read more

Different ways to include your brand voice in everyday content.

It’s not just in your social media posts that your brand voice needs to shine through. Your everyday content needs to reflect the same quirky, fun and fresh attitude too. From your on-boarding emails, to the copy on your invoices and right through to your ... read more

Including your brand voice in content via different channels helps your business

In the midst of a content market revolution, brands are looking for creative ways to earn attention. In a world where followers are followers and consumers are consumers, the line is becoming increasingly blurred between content created to inform and content created to sell. While ... read more